There's Something About Winton

The real Outback still exists and I found it in Winton, a small town located just a few hours north from Longreach in the heart of Outback Queensland.   On planning a recent visit to Winton several friends in Brisbane mention, ‘yeah, I’ve been there, it’s a great town’ and ‘that’s a real Outback town’. …

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Make the promise to visit the Outback

If you live in Australia, the Outback is a part of you! Experience the heart and soul of Australia in Outback Queensland where stories are made, legends are born and our nation was built. Its a place where we all must visit at least once in our life!   Outback Queensland Tourism have just confirmed…

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Bill Leimbach is confirmed!

Bill Leimbach, leading Australian filmmaker and producer of the next Australian film epic, “Waltzing Matilda”, has not only confirmed filming to commence in Winton and Longreach later this year, but also his commitment to attend the inaugural festival. Festival organisers met with Bill in Sydney last week to discuss the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival.…

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