A Few Less Men (MA15)

A destination wedding in Australia goes horribly wrong when Luke gets drunk and falls off a cliff. The accident-prone boys, David, Tom and Graham suddenly find themselves transporting their friends corpse back to London, where his grieving Aunt is already planning the funeral. When their private jet crash lands in the bush, the boys must carry the body across the treacherous landscape, stuck in the outback, coffin in tow. After idiocy strikes again, they must contend with some fit ravers, a machete wielding mother and a mix up with a giant gold penis, in a race against time to return Luke home. Provided they all survive… A Few Best Men by the master decency-overstepper, Stephan Elliott (Priscilla) is a raucous new totally inappropriate outback comedy.

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Sat 1st Jul 11:00 AM

Mark Lamprell

Dean Craig

Kris Marshall, Dacre Montgomery, Xavier Samuel



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