Black Water Abyss (MA15)

Fri 25th Sep
09:00 PM

Adventure-loving couple Eric and Jennifer convince their friends to explore a remote, uncharted cave system in the forests of Northern Australia. With a tropical storm approaching, they abseil into the mouth of the cave, knowing they’ll be safe underground. But when the caves start to flood, tensions rise as oxygen levels fall and the group find themselves lost, disoriented and trapped. Little do they know, the dank air and rising water are the least of their worries. The storm has brought in a pack of apex predators – dangerous and hungry crocodiles. As danger mounts, long-kept secrets emerge and the friends turn on each other in a frantic fight for survival. Director Andrew Traucki has fashioned an effective cycle of man-versus-wild beast horror films to excite and terrify audiences.

Please note this event is subject to change.

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Andrew Traucki

Jessica McNamee, Luke Mitchell, Amali Golden

1 hr 38