Brock: Over the Top

Sat 19th Sep
07:00 PM

This is a thrilling, stylish, seat of your pants documentary that not only chronicles the extraordinary life of Australia’s greatest racing car driver, Peter Brock, but peels away the surface to reveal the profoundly human story behind the legend as told by his family, friends and rivals. This film is a supremely cinematic, electrifying yet intimately personal portrait of a life lived on the racing track and in the public eye for twenty years. Using a treasure trove of rare archival material coupled with candid interviews with the key characters in Peter Brock’s life including his family, his partners, and closest colleagues, this film tells the epic story of Brock’s early obsession with cars, his hard-won ascension to the top, his incredible record-breaking victories at Bathurst, his various professional and personal controversies, and his ultimate, tragic death on the race track. Director Kriv Stenders puts you behind the wheel as you rocket through the twists and turns of one of Australia’s best-known larrikin celebrities.


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Kriv Stenders

1 hr 44


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