Don’t Tell (M)

A film that delves into the true story of one woman’s legal case that broke the silence on child sex abuse in Queensland. Based on true events that changed the law. Based on lawyer Stephen Roche’s book ‘Don’t Tell’ is the story of a survivor, Lyndal (Sara West), a young woman sexually abused as an 11 year old while attending a prestigious school. Her courage to fight for justice is entrusted to a local lawyer (Aden Young) determined to build a case and give Lyndal peace from her torment. With the help of his aspiring young associate and an enigmatic barrister (Jack Thompson), the lawyer and Lyndal find their way together. Directed by the talented Tori Garrett with a stellar cast (Jack Thompson, Rachel Griffiths, Aden Young, Jacqueline McKenzie, Susan Pryor, Gyton Grantley and the remarkable Sara West) this is a powerful, emotional and incredibly revelatory film that must be seen.

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Sat 1st Jul 02:30 PM
Sat 1st Jul 02:30 PM

Tori Garrett

Anne Brooksbank, Ursula Cleary

Jack Thompson, Aden Young, Sara West