A Guide to Dating a the End of the World (M)

Tue 22nd Sep
09:00 PM

Sometimes all it takes is an apocalyptic catastrophe to help find your true love. After their first date, Alex declares she would not go out with John even if he were the last man on Earth. The next day she wakes to find he is exactly that… the last freakin’ man left on earth! Yikes! With everyone gone they have time to get to know each other and all is going well. Then suddenly they meet Wendy. She is the smarter and prettier ‘other woman’ – and she has a plan to bring everyone back. Will Wendy come between Alex and John as she tries to save the world? Not if Alex and her trusty Epilady have anything to do with it.

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Samuel Gay

Kerith Atkinson, Tony Brockman, Jacki Mison

1 hr 20


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