Happy Sad Man (M)

Wed 23rd Sep
02:30 PM

A charming and uplifting insight into the lives of five very different Australian men. The documentary explores their emotional lives and shines a light on the dialogue around masculinity and mental health today. It is touching, funny and tender. We journey from Bondi Beach to the outback; we laugh and cry alongside a war photographer traversing global conflict zones, we visit a farmer and outreach worker from rural Victoria, a musical nomad and a sensitive dog-loving artist. Each portrait is an intimate and heart-warming look into vulnerability, friendship and compassion. The film gives an unforgettable voice to the complex emotional landscapes we can all traverse. Exploring hopes, anxieties, joy and darkness the raw vulnerability of these stories will inspire you to hold some of the men in your life that bit closer.

Please note this event is subject to change.

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