Kairos (M)

Thu 24th Sep
11:00 AM

Kairos, taken from the ancient Greek word meaning ‘the supreme moment’, follows Danny, an aspiring boxer with Down Syndrome, whose dreams of stepping into the ring are challenged after a violent mishap with his trainer John. During the emotional and psychological fallout from the incident, Danny turns inward and begins to question the very nature of his identity. On the surface, this is a boxing drama, with much of the action taking place in the sweaty confines of a gym where Danny works as a cleaner and when no one is looking, he shadowboxes, imagining himself in the ring winning the title fight. Danny is played by Chris Bunton who was born with Down Syndrome and is a champion gymnast in real life. The film has a sophisticated and well-rounded portrayal of its characters and with its big heart, comedic moments and stylish cinematography is one of the most original and impactful local films to come along in a long time.


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Paul Barakat

Chris Bunton, Jerome Pride, Digby Webster

1 h 29