Koko: A Red Dog Story (G)

Sun 20th Sep
11:00 AM


For all Aussie dog lovers, we are blessed with a trilogy of great films about Red Dog with the latest instalment Koko: A Red Dog Story a documentary about the red kelpie star of the first film. This exceptionally joyous, heart-warming, and downright hilarious documentary presents the myths of the origin of the wandering Pilbara dog. Koko tells how director Kriv Stenders went on a nationwide search to cast his lead canine actor, met kelpie breeder Carol Hobday and encouraged her to send her prized canine off to live a life as an actor, all the while dealing with his increasing allergies to dogs, and trying to find an appropriate human actor to work opposite Koko. Every mishap that occurred with the making of Red Dog is presented with sublime comedic timing with dramatised re-enactments amplifying that laugh ratio. This is as much a celebration of the importance of dogs in our lives as it is celebrating the mythical Koko.

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Aaron McCann & Dominic Pearce

Jason Isaacs, Felix Williamson, Sarah Woods

1 hr 18