Napoleon (G)

Take a wild journey into the Australian Outback with one of the animal kingdoms greatest ever explorers – golden retriever pup and all-round adventurer Napoleon. Tired of his day-to-day existence as a modest house pet, Napoleon wants to become a wild dog of the land. So he sets out in a basket tethered to helium balloons for an amazing trip into the unknown. Meeting like-minded animals and making friends along the way, Napoleon shares his action-packed experiences with the likes of a wise owl, a chatty parrot, a clever koala, wombats, wallabies and many other fun-loving creatures. In the great family tradition of Babe and Red Dog, Napoleon captures the infectious spirit of animal inspired adventures.

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Mon 26th Jun 11:00 AM
Mon 26th Jun 11:00 AM
Mon 26th Jun 11:00 AM

Mario Andreacchio

Mario Andreacchio, Michael Bourchier

Jamie Croft, Philip Quast, Susan Lyons