Smoke Between Trees (TBC)

Thu 24th Sep
09:00 PM

This is an emotionally rich story of Matthew Higgins a broken, lonely man whose life is forever changed when he is reunited with his grandson. He is forced on a journey that will change his life forever. This intimate film traces a sensitive arc of interpersonal relationships as it sketches a broader picture of family, race, cultural resilience, and love. It examines with compassion how a white man learns to accept his Indigenous Australian grandson. Director Michael Joy’s previous film, Men’s Group shares a similar interest in examining how mature Australian men struggle with expressing their feelings while managing traumatic situations. Smoke Between Trees is a deeply moving, compassionate and engaging cinematic experience.

Please note this event is subject to change.

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Michael Joy

Tiriel Mora, Elly Chatfield, Joanne Samuel

1 hr 45