The Faceless Man (R)

Fri 25th Sep
11:00 AM

Six friends venture out to a country holiday house to party over a weekend. Cut off from the rest of the world they soon learn the inhabitants are a fun-loving mob led, by Roger Ward’s King Dougie, who enjoy terrorising and humiliating passing travellers. At the same time a para-normal monster seen as the faceless man haunts the house pushing the friends to their limits in this gore-filled black comedy crazed creation that takes us on a wild journey to the fictional town of Orange Lodge. There’s nothing overly subtle here as the film is more than willing to confront the beast that is cancer head on, while also lopping heads in a frenzy of gore and violence. Sure to please gorehounds and fans of pitch black horror comedy, The Faceless Man is a memorable debut from Di Martino and one of the year’s most unique Australian offerings.


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James Di Martino

Sophie Thurling, Lucas Pittaway, Andy McPhee

106 mins