The Legend of Dogwoman (PG)

Something is rotten in the town of Jindarup. Harry Bowman, the old Dog Man, has gone missing. Margaret, the legendary Dogwoman, returns to her old home town to find out whats happened to her friend and mentor. Rumours abound. Most people believe that hes been killed by a wild beast, possibly the supposedly extinct thylacine. But Margaret suspects that there are human motives behind Harrys death. In uncovering what happened to Harry, she digs up the buried past. What she finds not only turns her world upside down, it may also cost Margaret her life! Magda Szubanski is at her best!

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Mon 26th Jun 02:30 PM
Mon 26th Jun 02:30 PM
Mon 26th Jun 02:30 PM

Paul Moloney

Andrew Bovell

Magda Szubanski, Tara Morice, Raj Ryan