The Well (M)

On a remote outback farm, Hester (Pamela Rabe) takes on as home-help an emotionally unstable waif, Katherine (Miranda Otto) to help her. She responds well to Hesters kindness, but their blossoming relationship hits trouble when a car accident forces them to dump a body down the well. And then all sorts of complex and sublimely creepy desires emerge casting a haunting spell over the outback. In her feature film directorial debut, Samantha Lang offers a subtle and moving psychological portrait of a female friendship and
the effects of an unexpected tragedy upon it. The Well offers plot twists along the way but its main focus is on desire, guilt and repressed sexual emotions. The film was nominated for a remarkable eleven AFI Awards and went on to screen at over 30 festivals worldwide. It was nominated for the prestigious Palme dOr at Cannes. This is a new digital print to mark the 20th anniversary screening of this classic.

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Fri 30th Jun 08:30 PM
Fri 30th Jun 08:30 PM

Sam Lang

Elizabeth Jolley (novel), Laura Jones

Pamela Rabe, Miranda Otto, Paul Chubb