Thicker Than Water (MA15)

Fresh off the press, Thicker than Water will enjoy its world premiere. It is the story of Ludmiller, a young woman who struggles to maintain the unity of her family when their eldest brother, D (singer/songwriter, Pete Murray in his acting debut) a recovering drug addict, returns from rehab. Upon his surprise arrival home, her twin, Susha and younger brother, are eager to forget the misdeeds of the past – but Ludmiller cannot, knowing the true, hidden extent of Ds abuse. The fragile reunion is aided by Ludmillers best friends, but when Ludmillers old flame returns from military service, old wounds are reopened. Things escalate when the family helps a boy escape an abusive relationship with Ds old drug dealer and they all become embroiled in a world of violence and addiction.

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Mon 26th Jun 08:30 PM
Mon 26th Jun 08:30 PM

Dominic Crisci

Ellie Popov

Chai Hansen, Anthony Brandon Wong, Madeleine Kennedy