Welcome To Woop Woop (1997) (R18)

Elliott’s follow up film to Priscilla is a surreal, outrageous farce but also a wonderful cinematic send-up of Australian national identity. Teddy, a con artist who has to flee New York in fear for his life winds up in a much more precarious situation in the Australian outback in a strange town where Daddy-O is the law, the judge, and the executioner. Rule number one: no-one escapes from Woop Woop. Teddy shacks up with Angie, a beautiful randy local. Then bam: he wakes up from a drug-induced stupor in underwear, face down in a pig pen. And Daddy-O is Angie’s dad!

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Stephan Elliott

Johnathon Schaech, Rod Taylor, Susie Porter, Dee Smart, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Barry Humphries