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21- 29 June 2024

Kolperi Outback Filmmaking

Creating Career Pathways

At its inception, Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival was modelled on the Sundance Institute and Sundance Film Festival. Over the past nine years the original Vision Splendid Institute has developed into a formidable leader in career and education pathways in conjunction with its partner Griffith Film School.

In 2022, the Vision Splendid Institute evolved to include a presenting collaboration between Griffith Film School, Winton Shire Council and Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival with the support of the Guwa-Koa Aboriginal Cultural Advisors.

An extensive program review resulted in a new name as well: Kolperi Outback Filmmaking.

Kolperi Outback Filmmaking is a film education and development program committed to increasing the opportunities for emerging filmmakers in the Outback. The Program is named after the unique and iconic Emu in the lost language of the Koa people on whose land the Program operates. Just as the ‘Dark Emu’ represents a distinctive view of the night sky by inhibiting the spaces between the stars, Kolperi represents a unique perspective on filmmaker education and fills a gap in the development of emerging storytellers with our unique and award winning initiatives.

These pathways are to cater for the 18-35 youth market, film students, and emerging filmmakers; include an Outback Filmmaking Bootcamp for tertiary students, a Writers Lab for post-grad and emerging screenwriters, and in 2022 a First Nations Storytelling Masterclass developed in conjunction with Oombarra Productions. As a part of the Outback Filmmaking Bootcamp the students have two weeks to create a short film that will participate in the short film competition incorporated into the program as part of our always sold-out Closing Night.

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