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23 JUNE - 1 JULY 2023



Destination Winton, Hollywood of the Outback!

Straddled on the Tropic of Capricorn in the heart of Outback Queensland, Winton and its surrounding locations inspire many a film maker. Its landscapes have been described as rugged and unforgiving, yet colourful, soulful and breathtaking.

The local community of Winton welcomes film makers with open arms, with many locals being film extras and providing behind the scenes support.

During the festival film students partake in the event as part of the official curriculum for Griffith University Film School.

The Winton Shire Council is dedicated to the growth and development
of the Film Industry in Winton and surrounding regions. So much so that the industries growth in this area has enamoured the region to be referred to as Hollywood of the Outback.

Economic Development Strategy

The Winton Shire Council endorsed its Economic Development Strategy 2018-2023 and Action Plan:

In 2018 the Winton Shire Council endorsed its’ Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2023. One of the six central themes for growth and prosperity is to expand the film industry.

As a new industry for the region, film has grown in leaps and bounds.

The shire has done well in recent time to identify its competitive advantages in the tourism, film and events sectors and develop products and experiences which have successfully allowed it to increase gross regional product and new jobs from non-traditional markets.

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10-year roadmap for the screen industry in Queensland

With three movies and a number of smaller productions ‘in the can’, Winton Shire continues to explore the potential for growth through the film industry. Its stunning natural features, historic outdoor movie theatre, annual Vision Splendid film festival and significant relationships with key people in the film industry place the shire in a solid position to benefit further from this sector.  Winton Shire Council has been consulted about the Queensland Government’s 10-year roadmap for the screen industry in Queensland. The launch of the roadmap provides opportunities for further development of Winton Shire’s film industry.

Winton Shire Council encourages you to contact them to discuss your next film project in Outback Queensland.

Contact Winton Shire Council through their website here.

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