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21- 29 June 2024


Screening Friday 4 July @ 8.30pm Royal Open Air Theatre   Razorback Russell Mulcahy, 1984   A vicious wild boar terrorizes the Australian outback. The first victim is a small child who is killed. The child’s granddad is brought to trial for killing the child but acquitted. The next victim is an American TV-journalist. Her…

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Fire in the Stone

Screening Friday 4 July @ 3pm Sarah Riley Theatre The Waltzing Matilda Centre   Fire in the Stone Gary Conway, 1984   When his precious cache of opals is stolen, 14-year-old Ernie, who lives with his alcoholic father in the harsh and lawless opal fields of inland Australia, sets out with a friend determined to…

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Wake in Fright

Screening Fri 4 July @ 6pm Royal Open Air Theatre   Wake in Fright Ted Kotcheff, 1971 John Grant, a bonded teacher, arrives in a rough outback mining town planning to stay overnight before starting his holiday. But one night stretches to several and with the aid of alcohol he plunges headlong toward his own…

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The Nugget

Screening Fri 4 July @ 1 pm Sarah Riley Theatre The Waltzing Matilda Centre   The Nugget Bill Bennett, 2002   ‘The Nugget’ looks at how instant wealth suddenly changes the lives of three working class men – not necessarily for the better, but always with hilarious consequences.

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