Virtual Reality (VR)

WINTON SHIRE HALL 1.00pm and 4.30pm

Join Benjamin Richards, Director of Innovation, Cutting Edge as he shares his Virtual Reality insights.

In traditional filmmaking the lines between production and post-production are pretty clear, a VFX Supervisor from post gets involved at the script stage when there are VFX elements in the story. In VR, every shot is a VFX shot and the success of any VR project requires heavy consultation from the outset. In this session you will learn about the different types of VR projects, from the most simple 360 video to interactive, room-scale, multiuser VR. We will also delve deeper into the unique challenges of immersive mediums and dispel the myths of what is and isn’t possible. If you’ve started exploring this medium from a production only perspective, you will often hear ‘you can’t do this and you can’t do that’ but in post-production, we deal with the impossible on a daily basis across several mediums, and VR is just another challenge for us, which is in our DNA at Cutting Edge to solve.