Black Panther Woman (2014) (MA15)

Marlene grew up in Winton before travelling all around Australia and later internationally. She became a world renown blues musician with a high rating radio show. Her song ‘Boomerang Alley’ is set in Winton and features on her album ‘Koori Woman Blues’. The documentary Black Panther Woman by the renowned director, Rachel Perkins tells Marlene’s story, a woman who experienced the best and worst of the short lived and controversial Black Panther movement. Inspired by their stylish African Americans brothers, a handful of Australian Aborigines adapt the movement to their own local flavour. Marlene Cummins is swept up in a wild romance with their poster boy leader, Dennis Walker, and through their relationship becomes politically awakened. Through the prism of Panther ideology, she begins to understand the historical and social context of her personal suffering and that of her people. Returning to Winton after many years, Marlene Cummins will be a much-celebrated guest of the Festival – telling stories from the past and sharing her new music.

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