Broken Highway (1993) (PG)

Angel is a merchant seaman on a mission. Heading for Queensland, Angel agrees to deliver a parcel to a mysterious figure known as ‘The Deadman’ in his dying mentor Max’s hometown. After Max dies, Angel journeys to the desolate place, where he discovers an array of disillusioned people. There’s junkyard owner Wilson, sad girl Catherine and the dangerous Tatts. All bring Angel into their world, which is bleaker and more violent than he had anticipated. Characters adrift in an isolated landscape collide with the past and each other as they unravel the secrets of a dead man’s dreams. Set on the mangrove-lined shores of Moreton Bay, Broken Highway is a front runner of the Tropical Noir and Australian Gothic genre. It was director (and pre-eminent cinematographer) Laurie McInnes’ first feature film and was nominated for five AFI awards and an invitation to Cannes upon its release in 1993.

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Laurie McInnes

Aden Young, Dennis Miller, Bill Hunter, Claudia Karvan, David Field, William McInnes