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23 JUNE - 1 JULY 2023

Running Man Rock Competition – Hosted by Ray Martin!


Experience the ultimate adventure!
Running Man Rock Competition – Hosted by Ray Martin!

Join us on a tour you won't forget, presented by none other than the legendary Ray Martin. Prepare to set off on a thrilling journey that mixes the stunning beauty of the Outback with the fascinating world of rock formations.

The Running Man Rock Experience starts with a breath-taking fixed-wing charter flight from Winton to Boulia, where you'll take part in an adrenaline-pumping aerial tour of the famous Running Man Rock Formation. Ray Martin will serve as your guide throughout this incredible journey, imparting his vast expertise and love for the area.

You'll have a delectable lunch in Boulia and take part in exciting activities, such as an engaging tour of the Min Min Centre. Discover the region's fascinating past and unsolved mysteries to obtain a better grasp of its cultural significance.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Get ready for an awe-inspiring aerial tour of the Running Man Rock formation, where you will be able to appreciate its majesty in a panoramic view. This is sure to give you a newfound respect for nature's wonders after experiencing these sights.

At Rangelands Camp, where Ray Martin will host a special event, you'll be treated to a magnificent sunset experience as the day draws to a close. Enjoy delicious cocktails and mouth-watering canapés while admiring the Outback's stunning golden hues.


How to Enter

Simply purchase a ticket to the documentary "Mysteries of the Outback," a compelling tale by Ray Martin, at the Vision Splendid Film Festival on 26 June 2023. Join us on this special evening, and you could be the lucky winner!

Terms and Conditions

Please note that the winner must be available to depart on June 27, 2023, together with 1 travel partner of their choice. Please keep in mind that only ticket holders present on the screening night will be eligible to enter the contest. Another entrant will be chosen until a deserved winner is announced in the event that the drawn winner is unable to attend or travel.

By participating in this competition, you agree to be filmed throughout the prize experience. The footage may be used by the Promoter to showcase the amazing experiences you'll have while travelling while promoting the marvels of Queensland tourism. Take advantage of the chance to have your name, location, voice, and image published and aired for marketing purposes.

Click here for full Terms and Conditions.

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