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21- 29 June 2024

Dad Rudd, M.P.

Screening Thu 3 July @ 9pm

Royal Open Air Theatre


Dad Rudd, M.P.

Ken G. Hall, 1940


Dad Rudd wants the size of a local dam increased for the benefit of local farmers but faces opposition from a wealthy grazier, Henry Webster. When the local Member of Parliament dies, Webster runs for his seat, and Rudd decides to oppose him.


Webster and his team use dirty tricks to defeat Rudd, so he calls in his old friend from the city, Entwistle to help. Matters are complicated by the fact that Rudd’s daughter Ann falls in love with Webster’s son Jim.


On polling day, a fierce storm causes the dam to collapse. A major flood traps workers on the wrong side of the dam and the Rudds and Jim Webster team up to save the day. Dad Rudd is elected to parliament, where he gives a rousing speech.

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